Counseling Programs

The Counseling Program

The Marriage Counseling Program includes: Marriage counseling, marriage therapy, marriage psychotherapy, marital counseling marital therapy, marital psychotherapy, couple counseling, couple therapy, couple psychotherapy, premarital counseling, premarital therapy, divorce counseling and divorce therapy.

The Family Counseling Program includes: Family counseling, family therapy, family psychotherapy, step-family counseling and step-family therapy.

The Individual Counseling Program includes: individual psychotherapy, individual counseling and individual therapy.

All services are available to individuals, couples and families who live in or work in Rock Island and Scott Counties.

Spanish Family Therapy Program

The Spanish Family Therapy Program provides all of the above services in Spanish for area residents.

Prevention of Abuse Program

The Prevention of Abuse in the Family program is a specialized couple therapy program designed to identify and treat couples and families at highest risk for abuse. The goal is to prevent abuse from occurring.

Identifying Potential Abuse
Although all individuals, couples and families experience some problems, it is not always easy to identify which couples and families are at highest risk for abuse and battering.

Distress Signals
Symptoms of abuse arise as individuals, couples and families experience normal developmental stages, face special needs and problems, or are confronted by unexpected crises. Some of the distress signals to look for are:

  • Spouses who put their partners down
  • Partners who flare up in sudden anger
  • Partners who flare up in fights or get into fights when drunk
  • Partners who grew up in abusive homes
  • Extreme jealousy
  • Sexist values and attitudes