Why do I need to Attend?

This course is required by Illinois and Iowa for parents experiencing situations such as divorce, changes of custody or visitation, and/or other domestic relations situations. It is in the best interest of your children that you take time to see divorce and family change through their eyes. Parenting during the transition of divorce and/or parental separation is challenging and this course will give you practical skills to help your children through this difficult time.

How much will it cost?

The class costs $50 per person, payable in advance before the class.


TransParenting, a 4-hour program for divorcing parents with minors in the home, is available every 4 weeks. 

TransParenting Classes are offered in Rock Island once or twice monthly on either Tuesday evening, beginning at 5.30 PM, or on Saturday mornings at 9 AM.

Check the Events Calendar to find a listing of upcoming classes.

How do I register?

Call 786-4491 and ask to receive a registration brochure.

Attendance Certificate

Certificates of attendance are handed out at the end of class.